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Safety Over Speed

During Tecent's annual staff meeting yesterday, Mr. Ma Huateng, the chairman and CEO, underscored the significance of risk awareness in the financial sector. He stressed the principle that financial products should prioritize safety over speed, emphasizing that the pursuit of rapid gains can lead to increased dangers. (一定要有风险意识,金融的东西肯定要拼谁安全,绝对不是拼你快,越快越危险。)

Sparc Capital agrees with Mr Ma's emphasizing the importance of risk awareness in the financial industry. He argues that financial products should be designed with safety in mind, not speed. In other words, it is more important to avoid losses than it is to make profits quickly.

Mr Ma's statement is particularly relevant in the current economic climate, which is characterized by volatility and uncertainty. In such an environment, it is important to be aware of the risks involved in any financial investment.

At Sparc Capital, we consistently prioritize the interests of our investors with our flagship fund delivering desirable absolute returns since soft incpetion in 2022. We firmly believe in the importance of focusing on risk-adjusted returns, ensuring that our investment strategies align with the goal of safeguarding our investors' capital while seeking optimal returns.


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