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1H2024 Recap & 2H Outlook😊

Updated: Jun 27

Our 2024 outlook, which was published in December 2023, is available for viewing through the link below:

We are pleased to provide an updated perspective after six months. Please find the PDF file below. English verison:

2H2024 outlook - 2024.06.21 - Eng
Download PDF • 656KB

Traditional Chinese verison:

2H2024 outlook - 2024.06.21 - Tra_Chi
Download PDF • 1.65MB

Simplified Chinese verison:

2H2024 outlook - 2024.06.21 - Sim_Chi
Download PDF • 1.62MB

Feel free to contact Tony at 93557128 via Mobile, WhatsApp, or WeChat if you require any further assistance! 😊

Note: After the post, we just saw such news - 16 Nobel laureates in economics jointly signed an open letter on the 25th June warning that Trump's economic policies will reignite U.S. inflation, in part because he promises to impose higher tariffs on Chinese imports, a move that will cause more U.S. goods to rise in price and the costs will be passed on to U.S. consumers. OK, we share similar view on the US inflation.


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