We seek to deliver stable income through privately originated credit investment opportunities.

  • Low volatility, competitive income streams
  • Focused on alternative asset-backed securities
  • Gain exclusive access to private asset sources
  • In-house deal origination and negotiation.
  • Manage exposure with significant downside protection
  • Low correlation to major asset classes

Our Funds


♦ Primarily invests in residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), or whole loan mortgages issued by non-banking financial institutions, property developers, licensed money lenders and other financial companies.

♦ The fund uses a range of securitization techniques to enhance return.

♦ Our core business partner, Pan Asian Mortgage Company Limited, has a nearly two-decade track record of delivering stable and attractive income based on their portfolio of Hong Kong residential mortgages.

♦ Seeks to deliver a consistent, competitive income of 5-6% per annum with relatively low risk profile and a focus on capital preservation.

♦ Low correlation to other asset classes providing strong portfolio diversification benefits.

♦ Start investing with HK$ 1,000,000 or US$ 125,000.

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